My Writing

Since 2010, I have been writing a lifestyle blog for my website The Lifestyle Maven™, and in 2013 I published my first book I Know Why The Cheshire Cat Grins: When Shift Happens. I have two more books planned:  From Excruciating to Exquisite, and an anthology of stories In Nomine Patri.

I started writing when I was 11 years old, using my father’s old typewriter, clanging away incessantly. I had just returned from my first solo trip abroad and was eager to tell my story. Of course it was mostly fictional, but I was certain I was going to be a world-famous best-selling author. I started with short stories, which, reading today, depicted the idealism and the fecund imagination of that little boy with more than his fair share of European sensibilities.


By age 14, I had moved on to poetry, obviously influenced by the writers of the Romantic Age that I was reading in school. To this day, I am charmed by the works of Blake, Byron, Keats and Tennyson. My love for the art of language inspired me to take part in the school’s annual Reading Competition – reserved for the nerds in English – where I won several awards.

I was taken by surprise when the head of Ammirati Puris Lintas:Accra, a major advertising company in Ghana told me he thought I would be good at copywriting. I had no prior knowledge of copywriting, but I took to it like a fish to water, except my European sensibilities were sometimes rather avant-garde for the Ghanaian public. Ironically, that became my calling card and I included writing for live events as well.

After that, a degree in Mass Communications seemed a logical follow-on. This time, I found I was drawn more to electronic media than to print. Sound and visuals added a certain dimension to written words. While studying for my second degree, I volunteered at the campus radio station – The Voice of Legon – writing and reading the news. 

I worked at the radio station Joy FM and a television station TV3 for my internship. At Joy FM, I produced the afternoon news program, the mid-morning magazine show, and wrote promos for the station and some clients. At TV3, I doubled as a broadcast journalist covering human-interest stories and the floor manager for a cooking show.

Years later, to keep my writing mojo alive, I am writing my biography with the working title Dancing to Beat of a Different Drum, and I also contribute to the website, as a social commentator on race, religion, sexuality and general interest issues.

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